beware of friendships!

Having a friend is something very beautiful. Friends are like gems are very shiny and precious. If you have a friend who loves you as he love himself, it means you have met your true friend. This life is very wonderful if you are not alone.
But have you ever wondered, sometimes because of friends you will suffer and make your life are destroyed. Have you ever heard this Arabic proverb, “be careful of your enemy once and of your friend a thousand times, for a double crossing friend know more evil?”
The above proverb means, we should be more careful with our friends than our enemies. This is because our friends are the people closest to us, and sometimes closer than our family and because of this reason, our friends more easily to betray us compared with our own enemies.
Do you know of any prisoner, which is imprisoned because of their own friend? Yes, I do. The prisoners were my father’s students at the Dusun Dato Murad Melaka.  Although now they are free, they are still contact with my family. Not all prisoners were bad. J
Very good evening to madam sunjatha, and all my friends. Today, I will talk about “beware of friendships”. I have three points, which are first trust, second compassion and third negligence.
Now, let me to talk about my first point which is trust. Friendship would be something very meaningful if the friendship is built based on trust. But if we too much believe to our friends rather than ourselves, it will bring harm to an individual.
Among the stories shared by former prisoners to my family, is on the car. I am sure many of us today, already have their own vehicles. Perhaps some of you ever give your friends a permission to use your vehicles. But have you ever thought that the trust you have been given, were make you forced to jail? Yes, this really happened. Former prisoners have been betrayed by their own friends. Cars that were initially given on the basis of trust were used to carry the stolen goods. Law does not recognize anyone. Only because of the car plate number, it has become evident that the car belonged to the former prisoners. Although these former prisoners vehemently deny that he was not driving the car at the time the robbery occurred, but since the car was on him, eventually he had forced to prison.
My second point is about compassion. Compassion should be present in all human beings. But if compassion is misplaced it can have catastrophic consequences to the individual.
Among the other cases which is have shared with my family is on the breach of trust. The former prisoner is a person of high rank. But because he misuses the power, he was imprisoned. Everything, because of compassion. Because of friends, we are willing to sacrifice anything. Friends of the former prisoners are just now, actually begging for a project. Although initially, the contract has been handed over to others, but because of friends, name of the project was changed to the name of his friend. For this reason, he is imprisoned, while his friend was free outside there.
Now I will talk about my third point, namely negligence. Caution should be available in each individual. Negligence that occurs in our daily lives would have catastrophic consequences. Sometimes careless attitude that will make you look dumb, in certain situations.
Have you purchased the goods sold by your friend? There may yes, and probably not. The last case is about the purchase of goods quickly and cheaply. The former prisoner is imprisoned because he had bought a motorcycle from his friend. As usual, the price offered was low. The former prisoners without thinking buy the motorcycle. Because of negligence, buying without research led him to prison.
Police will not hear your reason. Even these prisoners had been pleading and state the motorcycle has been purchased by him, but police just ignore his excuse. What is important now, the motorcycle is in the name of others and there is no black and white letter of proof of purchase. Whether you like or not, you will go to prison. Where, your friend right now? All of them just stay away from you. J
Based on the above stories, friendship is not only can make us happy but also can make us suffer in the future. Be careful when choosing a friend, because not all people have a kind heart as you have. So beware of friendships! As friends, you should be like a diamond which is precious and rare not be like a leaves that you can be found anywhere.

semua public speaking punye pasal~ grammar aku memang hancur tahap dewa la kan~~ >_<

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